Cherry Hills North

The Cherry Hills North HOA, from its inception, has had an architectural control committee to help guide homeowners with their decisions on exterior property changes and upgrades. 

The intent is to help maintain the fine quality, cohesiveness, and values of our homes and surroundings. To this end, all exterior changes, such as roofing, structure changes/additions, major landscaping and painting are required to have Cherry Hills North HOA Architectural Control Committee approval. 

​Normally this is a simple process, requiring a detailed description and in some cases a sample and/or reference to materials to be used. Below is the link to the ACC form to fill out for your request.

​BEFORE you fill out the “Request for Approval Form” we suggest that you first review the  documents linked above in order to familiarize yourself with the applicable CHV and CHN building regulations. A Certainteed Roof Shingle Brochure has been made available for your consideration of the Presidential Shake IR shingle, which is one material for which the ACC grants approval.

Thank you very much! 
​CHN Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee

Guide Lines & Approvals


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